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Welcome to your new home: to my real estate site! I am Simone Casani, a real estate enthusiast with over 18 years of experience. My adventure in the world of real estate began in 2005, and it is a journey I undertook with passion and dedication between the beautiful lands of Camaiore and the fascinating coastline of Versilia, particularly Viareggio, the place I call home.

With a degree in Philosophy, I have developed a deep connection with homes and the authentic meaning of living. Over the years, I have walked over thousands of square metres, opened the doors and crossed the threshold of numerous dwellings, discovering that each one is a unique story, as it represents the concept of 'home' for its owners, a place where they find themselves and feel truly themselves.

During my professional and personal encounters with hundreds of homeowners, I have always heard about the uniqueness of their home: from the breathtaking panoramic view, to the warmly welcoming entrance, from the sunshine that illuminates the spaces, to the meticulously designed furniture. Each house has a story to tell, a story that is intertwined with the lives and memories of its inhabitants: an old painting that carries with it the story of their grandparents, a carefully unearthed piece of furniture in a fascinating summer market, and a project created with the help of a trusted architect.

I see the figure of the real estate agent as a bridge between people and the properties I represent with the mission to fully understand the essence of each home, to be able to describe it in the most engaging way possible. I put myself in the owners' shoes, I try to see with their eyes, to appreciate the unique features such as the

breathtaking view, the warmly welcoming entrance and the fire burning in the fireplace, and I describe these marvels in the most authentic and engaging way. Feel at home to feel at home. Available to offer comprehensive and personalised support at every stage of the real estate process.

My main area is Camaiore and the enchanting Versilia coastline, particularly Viareggio, where my roots lie. My in-depth knowledge of this area allows me to offer advice based on my experience and understanding of local dynamics.

I am excited to put my experience and passion for real estate at your disposal. I invite you to explore my website and contact me to find out how I can help you realise your real estate dreams with professionalism and dedication, guiding you towards your new home, a place where you can create unforgettable memories and spend happy moments.




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